Whew! …. schedules getting full!

Morning everyone. Well, our schedules are getting fuller and fuller this time of year. I thought I’d take a moment to list some of the major events coming up:

March 5th – Dirt Bags Clay Club Activity Get Together – make art for the wood fire, spend quality time together, etc.

March 11th – 14th – Your fearless leader will be doing a workshop at Edinboro University in PA. think of all the time you’ll have in the studio now because you won’t have to listen to me babble on and on!

March 13th – wood splitting and wood kiln prep party!

March 18th – if you are doing the 200 Level Review – your work is due today

March 20th – loading the wood kiln at Rand’s

March 21st – 22nd – firing the wood kiln at Rand’s

March 23rd** First draft of your blog or website is due today!!!!

March 27th – 28th – Beth Cavener Stichter workshop at U of L. All day Friday and Saturday. We are carpooling with the IUS Art Car to the Lecture at 21C Museum on Friday at 4:30pm. Lecture starts at 6pm.

April 2nd – BFA opening tonight! We will all support our people.

April 6th – Second draft of blog or website project due!!

April 8th – April 11th – NCECA conference!! See you in Phoenix.

April 11th – Wet Ware Cutoff (last day to make anything in wet clay)

April 16th – Final Draft of blog or website project due today. This is it. This is your time to shine.

April 17th – 18th – BFA Orals. Be there. Be READY.

April 24th *** Dirt Bags Clay Club First Annual Open House **** We will be cleaning and preparing the studio all day. The open house starts at 5pm.

April 29th – May 5th – Finals week


Geez, that’s alot of stuff. It’s good to be busy, though. Imagine if there was nothing going?

I once got a fortune cookie that read “Rest is nice, but boredom is his brother.” I wish I still had it. I got so busy, I lost it.

See you in the studio.

… and if it’s absolutely necessary that you procrastinate your ceramic work, then at least look at this website while you’re procrastinating ….

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